Tourism is one of the major industries of modern times.  With many concepts of the world shrinking, tourism is the major role-player in bringing people together. Tourism is the highest revenue earner and also speaks of the land beyond culture.
       Karnataka, geographically is the eight largest state in India, and also been at the third position among states being visited for the purpose of tourism.  Karnataka tops the list with the world-heritage site of Hampi.  It has the historical locations which sing in the praise of their lords’.  The plurality is much exhibited in the innumerable places of worship of all religions.  Karnataka provides for a relaxed life in the arms of nature, which draws both orthodox veterans and the Gen-Y.  The rich places are to be taken note of.  The forts of speak of security, valour and somewhere also shows the much unsung heroes. Botanical gardens, which have come up in decades and the rock surprises formed or constructed for centuries, provide a feast of nature and skill.  The Hill Station of Kadagu is much acclaimed as the “Switzerland of India”.  The National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are revelations of life in the state.  The caves or dams, waterfalls or cascades, seem to have been beckoning the world towards it.  The very well engineered Gol-Gumbuz of Bijapur an evidence of advancement of Science and Technology.
All the above said details pertain to the places of tourism.  Whereas, the development of all the sectors of tourism need the aegis of Government.  507 monuments are protected by the Archeological Survey of India in Karnataka.  Added another 750 are taken care by the State Government of Karnataka like any other State or nation is seeking to maximize the thought comfort of the visitor, which is expected to be gained by travelling experience.  Those who are service providers in the industry also seek to maximize their profits.  The host groups as well the Governments are attempting to maximize the basic and the secondary benefits.
Karnataka’s religions and heritage tourism is a continued process, while MICE has also been on the path of growth with Bengaluru being one of the financial hubs of the nation.  MICE mean Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions.  Domestic and Foreign tourists are almost equally drawn on both the fronts i.e., at global leisure or at serious business.
Of late the serious problems of pollution, density of population, number of vehicles, lack of natural air and light due to deforestation, increase in cost of stays, a lop sided development of auxiliary unit, increase in crime-rate and to top it all, loss of valuable culture – have all led to cause of concern drawing the attention of policy makers to bring everything under order.
To make Karnataka a more dynamic, diverse, sustainable and sought-after tourist spot, investments should be accelerated; local standard of living should be elevated and thus offer a very high standard experience to the visitors.
Infrastructure should be bettered to increase the quality of tourism products and services, tourism should be made a serious part of education to build higher capacities; Land-scaping should be very well planned; water management should be improved; safety and security should be taken care of; awareness should be created to make it sustainable; marketing strategies should be worked out; last and lastingly Public Private Partnership should be made long-term contractual for prospective days ahead. 
The well endowed Karnataka with natural wealth and all the built development, Karnataka should combat the challenges posed with the above said necessary measures of improvement.  Karnataka tourism should be taken on “THE GOLDEN CHARIOT” towards “ONE STATE, MANY WORLDS’.




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