Earn Extra Marks- Answer Writing Contest

Earn Extra Marks- Answer Writing Contest

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Dear friends,

Information can be both enlightening and also chaotic at times. Sounds paradoxical, isn’t it? This is exactly the paradoxical state of mind of a Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil service aspirant (CSE). With ever growing digital age a person is exposed to tons of information. Unfortunately, most of the times, this quantity of information can overwhelm a person.

No one knows this better than an UPSC aspirant since he is bombarded with information from all dimensions. If one does not navigate through this chaos successfully, the chances are one is bound to lose motivation, concentration and end up not utilizing one’s abilities in a prudent manner.

Things should be simple. It should not be unnecessarily complicated unless you are ‘Christopher Nolan’.  Our aim is to simplify things and get an aspirant’s foundations strong, this is the sole reason we have come up with a unique answer writing challenge that would cater to an UPSC CSE aspirant without creating much confusion and chaos. The programme has been designed in such a fashion.

The features of our answer writing programme are:

  1. Unlike the market trend which bombards an aspirant with a multitude of question every day, our programme shall restrict itself to one question per day, No more!
  2. The question that will be given shall not be restricted to any one daily newspaper; rather it will be taken after careful consideration of various sources apart from a newspaper. Ex: Press Information Bureau, Government reports, and International findings having relevance on UPSC CSE exams, major issues etc.
  3. After a reasonable time (24Hr) has been offered to aspirants to post their answers on our website, we shall give an aspirant a blue print that would concentrate on covering the basics and improve further too.
  4. The blue-print that would be given will be comprehensive that would cover all possible angles of a question.
  5. Importantly, we shall also offer random evaluation of the answers posted on our website.
  6. This evaluation shall not be restricted to generalist statements; rather it would be personalized to the needs of an aspirant who has written the answer. However, this online evaluation will be limited to only 2 answers posted on our website on a daily basis.
  7. Aspirants who are interested to get their answer evaluated and get a personal feedback can either email us their answer or visit our institute at specified times to get a proper personalized feedback.
  8. Evaluation will be done in a structured and a transparent manner. The exact method our evaluation shall also be communicated to an aspirant.
  9. To encourage competition among the users of our answer writing challenge we have come up with a system that rewards the best answers written. This would be done on a monthly basis.
  10. The nature of the reward will be cash prize of 500/- Rs.
  11. All we ask from you is that you sincerely take up this challenge and spend a maximum of 20 minutes of your daily time on this challenge. UPSC does not award you marks based on the sophistication of your preparation. Rather it tests your clarity on concepts and issues. Such clarity is what we try to provide you through our programme.
  12. If you wish to take up ANSWER WRITING COURSE with us click on SUBSCRIPTION button.

Writing is an art since times immemorial. The answers you write in UPSC CSE exams are no exception. We encourage you to look at our challenge in that perspective as well. Once a person enjoys an art or any activity, success is bound to follow. Kindly take up this challenge and benefit from it.

Our effort will be genuine and we shall strive everyday to contribute better to your preparation. No compromises on that!!!

We wish you the very best in your preparations for UPSC CSE exams.

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