Course components

1) Physical training-at Kanteerava Stadium

2) Paper-1 – Descriptive Paper

3) Paper-2 - General studies

4) Study material for GK and work-book for paper-1

Physical training

* Each aspirant is supposed to pass Physical Test before Written-Examination as per the Exam Pattern as on date.

The Physical Test consists of four events

Sr No. Event Men Women
1 Running 1600 metres in 7 minutes 400 metres in 2 minutes
2 Long Jump 3.8 metres 2.5 metres
3 High Jump 1.20 metres 0.90 metres
4 Short-Put Weight -7.26 Kilograms
Weight- 4 kilograms
Distance- 3.75 metres
Physical standards
5 Height 168 cms 157 cms
6 Chest 86 cms. in expansion and 5 cms. Lesserin contraction ----------
7 Weight --------- 45 kilograms

* To make sure you clear the physical test you will be trained under National level Athlete trainer with 100% results.

* Physical training shall begin from the date of notification till the time of clearing the Physical Test.

GS-studies shall be dealt by competent faculty for each subject.


Method of Teaching

Paper-1- more emphasis shall be given to paper -1

1) Work-book shall be provided for each student which will have exercises on Essay writing, Translation and also Precise -Writing.

2) The work-book shall be designed according to the pattern in which the virtual Question Paper of the PSI examination appears.

3) Work book (question booklet version) contains 50-Essay topics (easy, medium, and tough), 40-Translations and 40-Precise writings in both Kannada and English.

4) Work-book (answer booklet version separate) will have model answers for each question.

5)  One week after the launch of the course each student should write 1 Essay, 1-Translation, 1-Precise Writing every day.

6) Explanatory sessions on each question shall be held in the class.

7) This makes your preparation complete with respect to paper-1.

General studies include

Paper- 2

1) History

2) Geography

3) Indian Polity

4) Economics

5) Environment and Ecology

6) Science and Technology

7) Everyday Science

8) Everyday Mathematics

9) Reasoning; Common Sense

10) Current affairs

Each subject is handled by subject experts. 

Time Table

Days 7 AM - 10 AM 10 AM - 1 PM 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Monday Weekly Test (Paper-1 & Paper-2)
Tuesday Paper - 1 Paper - 1 Paper - 1
Wednesday Paper - 2 Paper - 2 Paper - 2
Thursday Paper - 1 Paper - 1 Paper - 1
Friday Paper - 2 Paper- 2 Paper - 2
Saturday 10 am to 5 pm Paper-2
Combined Class for all three Batches
Sunday 10 am to 5 pm Paper-1
Combined Class for all three Batches
Core Batch There will be a separate time table for Core batch For more details contact – 9916399276


Test Series

Pattern of Test Series: (Paper-2)

  • Total syllabus is divided into 12 equal units.
  • Syllabus of each unit with bibliography references shall be given one week before.
  • After 7 days tests will be conducted according to the given syllabus.
  • Each student is allotted a register number and only two are allowed to sit in a bench.
  • Answers are to be marked on the OMR sheets, which is a replicate of the original examination.
  • The immediate above two factors add to the student getting a serious feel and environment of the examination.
  • After the test, scores will be announced immediately, followed by discussion of each question.
  • Finally the hard copy of explanatory answers will be given to each student in Kannada/ English as per the students’ requirement.
  • Following the similar pattern, 12 exams will be conducted which are designed to cover entire syllabus .
  • After unit-test 4 comprehensive tests shall be conducted with entire syllabus.
  • Test on paper -1 shall be conducted everyday

PSI Course Package

1) General studies and Descriptive classes by competent mentors.

2) Tailor-made study material to suit the course.

3) Work-book for Paper-1

4) Physical training at Kanteerava stadium

3) Well programmed test series to ensure the exam preparedness.

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